Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ready or NOT!

In Kilee's Adult Living class they give the students 5 days to take care of a plastic baby. It is computerized and cries, eats and even needs it's diaper changed. Kilee had the baby once for a few days when she went to Mountain View High School in a child development class and it was a breeze. So she was so excited to get to have the chance to be a pretend mom again. She picked out clothes for the baby and even made some cute headbands. Well... Day one was great the baby was cute and quiet and it was fun until night time came. Kilee was up during the night and still had to get up to go to school the next day. Not just school but also night school. Friday wasn't bad, she was a little tired but thinking she was o.k. Then it happened, the baby woke up every hour, needing to be fed, burped and changed. Saturday morning I took the baby from Kilee so she could get a little sleep, she was exhausted. She woke up and took over and for the next few days she was ready to put the baby in the car and forget about it. It was about this time I realized that the project worked. The first day I was a little worried that it was going to make her want a baby now, but after the first day the lesson was learned. Parenting is not easy, babies need lots of time and attention and sleep is rare with a new born. So after 5 days we were both exhausted, tired of feeding a plastic baby and ready to give her back. She got 100% on the project but was never so happy to be done. After all she is a teenager and loves her sleep. What a great way to teach kids they are not ready for parenthood. It should be a requirement for all students.

Day 1 all smiles!

Baby Gabriella

Her face says it ALL!


Tami said...

I'm in the computer lab at school not being quiet...I can't stop laughing! What a different face she has from day 1 to day 5! Just like real life, huh. Thanks for the chuckle today. :")

Angie Holdaway said...

CUTE! If you're ever in need of a grandbaby fix, you're WELCOME to borrow my mosters, er, I mean angels!
Did you see my text about finding a similar place to USwirl? It's NOT as fancy shmancy, nor as adorable as your store, but it DOES have BOBA!! But it doesn't have it's not the same. But it'll be a good fix until I can get up to your store!